on movies empowering women

A few months ago, I watched this TEDTalks video of Colin Stokes about picking the right movies for children.

One that accepts gender equality, and passed the Bechdel Test.  It talked about how movies like award-winning Argo, who have a few women as major characters, did not let these women interact with other (other than to talk about men), or how they did not contribute anything meaningful in progressing the plot.  The video also talked about how The Wizard of Oz was a very empowering movie for women because of it has a female lead, a female villain, and a female heroine who saved herself.  I just recently found out that the same can be said about Aliens.  You have Ripley, the strong lead female character who managed to save herself and the “weak”; the mother alien, who kicked pretty much everyone’s ass (except Ripley); and Vasques, the female soldier who died protecting the last few people who did manage to survive.  Definitely not your typical female roles.Image